You can't know who we are without knowing where we've been, and the individuals that have inspired us along the way. We owe a number of people our gratitude for helping us understand the show ring and getting Rally to stand still!

  • We'd like to thank Brian and Barbara Graves of Heart of Gold Danes. They encouraged us, when we were about to give up, they showed us everything we needed to know, and they never even got paid!

  • Danna Paine of DaJa Danes has been our main handler. She pulled off both of Rally's US majors. Though not a professional handler yet, she did a wonderful job with Rally. Her patience was tried a number of times by Rally, but Danna never lost her temper. (There were times, I know I would have!) Against her better judgment (and that of others!), she talked me into showing Rally myself. It has been a very rewarding experience, Thank you Danna!

  • Georgia Hymmen of Daynakin Great Danes has offered "New Owner/Handler Seminars" and has handled our bundle of energy. We'd like to thank Georgia for offering this kind of complete information and for the initial training.

  • Julie Diola of DiolaDanes approved our house as Rally's forever home. She's truly been a blessing, Thank you Julie! 

  • And finally, Connie Kennedy and Susan Yotive for breeding such a sweet tempered, structurally sound ambassador of the breed: Sterling. Thank you for entrusting us to raise this goofball!