Who We Are

J Cubed Danes is a family endeavor, including myself, Jenny, and my husband, Jeremy Jensen, here in the beautiful Puget Sound in Washington state. We've always had a love for dogs, and my passion has always been Great Danes.

We began with our first show Dane, "Rally", born in 2008. All the way from Michigan, she has been our precious (if not spoiled!) little girl. But, we found out the hard way, that you can't just get a show-quality dog and win in the ring. You need time, patience, and training!

Our latest addition is "Sterling" to our home in June 2017. Also from the Eastern part of the country, he had a long flight from Ohio. He finished his American Kennel Club title in January 2018 at NINE MONTHS! He'll work locally on International, Canadian, and United Kennel Club titles. 

Gone, but not forgotten is "Diesel", the Golden Retriever in the picture below. Though Golden Retriever conformation wasn't my strength when we got him, we did work in the Obedience Ring. He listened well and loved going camping with us anywhere. 

Our home currently consists of Jeremy, myself, and our two Great Danes: Rally and Sterling.  You'll have plenty of opportunity to read about the Great Danes, so I'll let you explore the site more for info on them.

As you can see, our animals are a part of our lives. They are with us whenever possible: Our dogs even gets to go to work with Jeremy at an automotive shop on occasion.