None Available at this Time

We promise to only breed strong, sound examples of the breed. Therefore, we will only breed dogs who have successfully passed a CERF, Thyroid, Hip, Heart, and Elbow exams. Please check out Available Puppies or Upcoming Litters to learn more about this litter.

Please note that just like any reputable breeder, we will have certain requirements to ensure the safety and comfort of any puppy we place. Our requirements are:
  • Fully-fenced yard
  • The puppy attend a "Puppy Kindergarten" or any other Obedience class
  • Your word that the puppy will be kept as an indoor companion
  • A home check

We want you to enjoy your friend and family member for years to come, so feel free to contact us regarding training, recommended books and general support.

If you are interested in a puppy from J Cubed Danes, please contact us or complete the Puppy Application.